Wage and Hour Lawsuites Are On The Rise

Rush Nigut, author of Rush On Business, recently posted Wage and Hour Lawsuits: Your Business Could Be Next.  Rush points out that big businesses are not the only ones at risk for these types of law suits.  I would agree that wage and hour issues are even more prevalent in small businesses because they tend to operate with a more laid back atmosphere.  Although you don’t hear of them as often because the relative fines involved are small compared to big businesses, companies that have been hit with fines for non-compliance know just how devastating it can be.

Rush’s tips on avoiding wage and hour lawsuits:

  • Conduct a wage and hour review
  • Train managers
  • Think exempt-non exempt, not just salary-hourly
  • Take complaints on wage issues seriously
  • Do not retaliate
  • Develop strong policies on pay practices and employee hours.

You can get get more detail on each of these suggestion by visiting his blog.

Bryan Willis

Bryan Willis

Bryan Willis is a Tyler lawyer who represents clients in the areas of Divorce, Probate, and Business Law.
Bryan Willis

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