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Do you need help probating a will? Do you need guidance through the probate process?

Did your loved one pass away without a will and now you don’t know what to do?

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The death of a loved can have devastating emotional effects on spouses, children, grandchildren, and other family members.  There are also significant and time-sensitive legal issues that must be addressed in order to settle the estate of your lost loved one.  I provide legal representation to family members, executors, and administrators during this time to advise and guide them through the probate process.

In addition to regularly meetings to keep you updated on the matter and make sure the estate administration is proceeding, I provide probate clients with written guidance to instruct and assist you in dealing with third parties during the probate process.  I will help you understand a complicated legal area and explain your rights, duties, and options so that you may make informed decisions throughout the probate process.

I have practiced law in Texas for over 10 years.  I will listen to you.  I will keep you informed of what is happening in your case.  I will return your calls promptly.  These are the promises I make when you trust me with to help you through the complex issues of settling an estate.

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