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If you are visiting my website then something in your life has changed.

It started off with one little date.  Maybe a friend introduced you.  Maybe you were courageous enough to walk up and introduce yourself at a bar.  Or maybe you met on one of those dating apps.

Before you knew it, you were engaged.  Then you were married, and things only got better from there.

You were happy.  Your kids were happy.  You felt secure.  Life was good.

Sure – you had some problems here or there, but what marriage doesn’t?

Then IT happened.

Your spouse came home and out of the blue said, “I think we should get a divorce.”  You found out your spouse was cheating.  Or maybe you met someone else.

Maybe you woke up one morning and realized that you just were not happy being married anymore.

You didn’t give up though.  You talked things out with your spouse and things improved for a little while.  But then it was more of the same.

So you talked to your best friend.  You talked to your family members.  They offered good advice, but your marriage didn’t improve.

You tried counseling.  You talked to your pastor.  Each time you thought things were getting better.  But it didn’t last.

You spent countless nights awake wondering else you could do to save your marriage.

You finally realized that your marriage is over, but now you are more worried than ever.

We all know someone who went through a divorce that ended badly.  They paid more than they should have.  They don’t get to see their kids as often as they want.  They ended up with less than they should have.  Their spouse fought over every little thing and the case took years to resolve.  Hell, they still post mean things about each other on Facebook.

Now you are scared about the impact a divorce might have on your kids.  How will they respond to the news? Who will they live with?  How often will you see them?  What about Christmas?

Where will they go to school? Will you have to pay child support?  What will your kids think when your spouse starts dating someone new?

You are concerned about losing the house you lived in for years.  Where will you live?  Can you afford a house payment on your own?

You are worried about what other people might say.  How embarrassed will you be if your spouse starts spouting off about all your private disagreements on social media?

What are your rights?  Who will protect you?

How much will this cost?

I can answer your questions and I can help you protect yourself.

I can help you understand your rights, I can help you face your fears, and I can help alleviate all that worry.

I can increase the chances that your divorce is handled quickly, quietly, and without public embarrassment.

We will meet face to face or by phone, your choice.  We will discuss your fears and your goals.

I will tell you what to expect during your divorce.  Then I will explain how we will work together to make sure your interests are protected.  I can even tell you how much your divorce will cost.

All you have to do is request a consultation.

Request A FREE Consultation

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