Startup Lawyer

Bryan is a tech-friendly attorney who brings knowledge and experience in the areas of corporate and commercial law to startups and emerging technology companies.

Because they are often operating with new ideas that test the limits of current laws, startups are looking for a different personality in their attorney.  Startups need lawyers who understand not only where the founders are coming from but their vision as well.  Startups need lawyers with a problem-solving stance and a desire to gain a deep understanding of the company’s product.  Startups need lawyers who don’t just say “no, because” but instead find a way to say “yes, if.”

Bryan understands these needs and provides that type of legal counsel.  This means that rather than being an obstacle to your startup with theoretical legalese, Bryan provides long-term value by helping your business with practical legal advice that focuses on smart growth and risk-management.

The firm also offers startup friendly fee structures through its Startup Business Program as well as alternative and flat fee arrangements which you can learn more about on the Firm’s FAQ page.  The Firm also offers its Counsel Programs to new businesses.  These programs offer significant advantages by allowing the founders to acquire a package of integrated legal services specifically designed for start-up companies.  This also allows your business to develop a  personal relationship with one attorney who is familiar with the company and its operations.

Some areas in which the Bryan advises startups include the following:

  • intellectual property protection
  • hiring, firing, and compensating employees
  • negotiating and drafting employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, and non-disclosure agreements
  • business formation, board meetings, and shareholder duties
  • negotiating and drafting buy-sell agreements
  • advertising and marketing compliance
  • joint ventures and contracting with third parties
  • customer privacy issues
  • responding to government inquiries
  • e-commerce