Tweet Links for August 13th

5 Trends Entrepreneurs Should Consider When Naming a Startup 

Now In 20 Cities, Startup Grind Aims To Inspire The Next Generation Of Global Entrepreneurs 

Austin startup calls itself ‘first urban health media company’ 

Private equity skeptical about tieup with Best Buy founder 

10 Simple Actions Will Inspire More Startup Results 

Microloans meeting credit needs for entrepreneurs 

Startups Are Revamping Government in San Francisco 

Starting A Business Is Not The Solution To Your Problems 

Little Caesar Not Likely to Prevail on Trade Dress, Trade Secret Claims Against Former Franchisee 

Obtaining Discovery of the Company Lawyer in Business Divorce Cases: Privileged or Not? 

Entrepreneur DNA 

No Leisure For Some Letters of Intent 

The Untold Reasons Why Businesses Fail 

Austin startup Audingo raises $3 million to fund growth 

With push from government, small businesses buying up office space 

4 Start-Up Accounting Tips for the Young ‘Trep 

The Politics and Economics of Taxing Small Business Owners 

How to Blow Up a Start Up — The Biggest Financing Pitfall for Entrepreneurs 

Bar Sues Texas AG to Block Information 

Judge lets startup relay live TV to iPhones in NYC 

Dallas startups try to horn in on popularity of flip-flops 

Small business optimism sinks, owners hesitant to expand 

Financial Executives Confess: Sure, We Lie and Cheat 

Creating a Curriculum for a ‘School for GCs’ 

Buying a Business: A First Question–Assets Only? 

Five Legal Pitfalls That Sink Many Good Startups 

Hiring Entrepreneurs, Not Employees: Incentive Prizes Foster Disruptive Innovations 

TBL: What Value Does an Outside General Counsel Add to a Closely Held Company? 

Hiring Your First Employee: 10 Regulatory Steps 

What Every Student Entrepreneur Needs to Know to Succeed (6) Relationships w/Investors 

What’s Next for Employers After Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act 

Austin startup Wahooly aims to open doors for other startups 

Franchising In The Downturn And Recovery

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Bryan Willis

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