Tweet Links for 9/19/2011

Why would an investor want to use options?

Doing More For The “Little Guys” – SEC Reaches Out To Small Business

Will Obama ‘QuickPay’ Policy Mean Billions to Small Businesses?

Going Behind the Scenes With Four Owners

Top 10 Ways Entrepreneurs Pivot a Lean Startup

Facebook wants to be big among small businesses

Go to Jail for Internet Lies? It’s a Possibility if Amendment to Anti-Hacking Bill Passes

Small Business Strategies: Climate change affects us all

Boehner: Debt panel can start on major tax changes

Four ways to get businesses to invest again

New Houston business accelerator launches

There Really is a Laffer Curve

How Payroll Tax Cuts Can Create Jobs

Obama to speed payment to small businesses

FISCAL NOTES: Entreprenuerialism 101

How Would a Payroll Tax Reduction Impact Your Business?

Time to bet on businesses again

“DAD” Tax Shelter Is A Deadbeat

Faster, Faster! Venture Capital’s Rush to Seed Investing

Stocking Up on Warehouse Properties

Most DFW employers expect to maintain staffing levels

Ellington facility ready for development

The Demise of Electronic Discovery’s Per-Gigabyte Price Model

The 3 Biggest Predictions About the Economy That Never Came True

Small Business Optimism Index Falls For Sixth Consecutive Month

What the President’s Job Plan Means to Me #smallbiz

The startup that died so Instagram could live

Small Business Owners Fighting To Stay Operating

Four ways starting a 401(k) can help your small business

Venture capital veteran Perkins sees danger ahead

How To Write Off Startup Costs

Fifth Circuit Recognizes Hostile Environment Claim Under the ADEA

Top 5 Reasons To Beware Of Joint Ownership Between Generations

5 Tips for Hiring a Small Business Attorney from @bindrup

Austin plays host to national technology trade show this week

On Corp Tax Reform, Small Business Wants In

New Report Highlights Economic Threat of Weak U.S. Cyber Security

Obama Proposes Higher Tax on Bonds, Carried Interest for Wealthy

Two East Texas coal power plants to be idled to meet emissions limits

When disaster strikes, help may arrive at tax time

Affected by wildfires? Free legal help offered to Harris, Montgomery, Grimes and other counties

PostSecret’s social network of secrets

Battling Barratry: Lawyers Publicize New Law, Predict Its Impact

Federal Judge Sides with NJ Solo, Strikes NY Law Requiring In-State Office for Out-of-State Lawyers


How to Make Business Want to Invest Again

Entrepreneur plans barbecue tours of Cowtown at $75

In Agreement on Estate Taxes, Even More Complications

Small businesses face tough decisions before they sell

Why the Tax Code is a Mess, Graphically

MONEY seeks mom-and-pop businesses!

Houston sees boost in sales tax allocations

Employers Say Jobs Plan Won’t Lead to Hiring Spur

New at By The Numbers: Employment laws by total employees

Austin-based company hopes new technology can spawn boom in algae production

Irrational Pessimism: Why American Business is Booming And Nobody’s Noticing

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Bryan Willis

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