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Section 220 Claim and Fiduciary Duty Claims Need Separate Complaints 

Dodd-Frank Progress Report February 2013 | CLS Blue Sky Blog 

Before There Was Facebook: The Seeds Of Silicon Valley 

Sell your company, not your soul – Fortune Tech 

An Internet-Powered Growing System For Small Farmers 

Dell to go private in $24.4B deal led by founder – Yahoo! News 

IowaBiz: Tough tax return choice for 2012: Pay more now to save later? 

The Startup Slumber Party: How Living With Your Cofounders Can Save Your Company | Fast Company 

5 Reasons to Avoid Silicon Valley | 

Growing Numbers of Start-Ups Are Worth a Billion Dollars – 

The Corporate First Responder: 15 Questions to Consider When a Corporate Crisis Strikes | CLS Blue Sky Blog 

Keep Your Start-up Ahead of the Competition | 

Despite Expectations, Corporations Could Face More Cases of Criminal Liability – 

Think Employment Law Doesn’t Apply to You? Think Again | 

Gauge of U.S. business investment plans edges lower – Yahoo! News 

Houston small business hiring beat national average in January – Houston Business Journal 

Confessions of a Corporate Spy | 

Working for free: Lawyers incorporating pro bono into their lives talk about its rewards, challenges – ABA Journal  Blog – Litigation of Investor Claims: State v. Federal Court 

NY Times: A New Web Site Warns Small-Business Owners of Coming Regulations | House Small Business Committee 

Tiny Dallas company Tessitura provides technology platform to the stars | The Dallas Morning News

7 Lessons from Bootstrapping a $15M Lifestyle Business 

9 Startup Events and News to Watch This Week | 

3 Steps to Win Over Investors | 

The High Cost of Entrepreneurship 

The Small Businesses Behind the Big Game | 

The Proper Role of the Federal Government in Corporate Governance | CLS Blue Sky Blog 

Valuing a Small Business in Advance With Cloud Software – 

Startup Visa Act 2013 Introduced By Udall (D-Colo) and Flake (R-Ariz) – Feld Thoughts 

Private Tech Company Acquisitions Are Up: Report | 

North Carolina Court Resolves Conflict Between LLC Act Rules on Member Withdrawals and Assignments to Non-Members 

Supreme Court Will Review Scope of Federal Preclusion of State Securities Claims –  Blog 

Selling Your Business: Timing Is Everything | Inc. 5000 

Private equity firms are lead bidder for Twinkies | Business | Dallas Business, Texas Bu… 

Chancery Grants Relief on Both Fiduciary Duty and Contract Claims Against Member of Joint Venture 

License regulations are killing my business – CNNMoney 

Delaware Law as Lingua Franca: Evidence from VC-Backed Startups — The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance 

Lessons for Entrepreneurs in Rubble of a Collapsed Deal 

Don’t Let Outside Investment Threaten Your Success 

What’s Driving the Spike in Small Business Acquisitions 

Is Your Compensation Reasonable? 

Galveston to host crowdfunding cruise – Houston Business Journal 

Detroit start-ups move into empty auto plants 

What to watch: Economy comes into sharper focus 

Retailers may add surcharge in credit card transactions 

Highlights of Tax Changes Becoming Effective in 2013 : Tax Law and Business Organization Strategy 

Small Business Owner: The IRS Says You Are Tax Cheat 

Doomed to Fail? The Uphill Climb of a Startup Entrepreneur

Business tax makeover looks unlikely | Business | Dallas Business, Texas Business, Fort … 

50 VC and Angel Investors Every Young Entrepreneur Should Know

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