Tweet Links for 9/9/2011

Yes, Carol Bartz had a non-disparagement clause

‘Warrior’: 3 Challenges Faced By Sibling-Owned Businesses

States to pay unemployment bills, taxes could rise

Texas tax laws give break on some wildfire-related expenses

Solyndra Raid: Is Failure A Crime?

FBI searches bankrupt solar panel maker

Obama’s 17 tax breaks for small business: Big whoop!

The SEC — A Troubled Agency

Feasting on Paperwork

Super committee: ‘The world is watching’

How Much Do Informal Investors Put into Start-ups?

Comptroller says some fire recovery services are tax-exempt

Note to the Army…blowing shit up CAN cause fires.

National debt: Why tax revenue has to go up

Economy Spurs Recent Law Grads to Go Solo

Fewer people choose to be self-employed

Google Offers will serve up daily deals at area businesses

Houston Business Journal names 2011 Best Corporate Counsel winners

Step by Step With an Automated Start-Up

Tech companies show their work at Austin Startup Week

Patent Bill Viewed as Bailout for a Law Firm

Defend your data after a breach

Your Post Labor Day Business Plan

Obama’s Phony War on Hedge Funds – Attack on Real Estate

A hothouse for startups

Austin-based Temple-Inland agrees to $3.7 billion sale to International Paper

A Banker Explains Why Some Small Businesses Have Trouble Getting Credit

Making Board Risk Oversight Work

Photo hackers explore the creepy zone

Setting Up an Office to Manage a Wealthy Family’s Affairs

Central Texas businesses jump in with food, feed and more for fire victims

Coping With a Natural Disaster

Home insurance companies set up for claims from wildfires

Absolute Software Settles Lawsuit Over Nude Photos

How will a double-dip recession really affect tech IPOs?

Why (and How) Diversified Investors Win

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Bryan Willis

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