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Due Diligence: Your Last Chance to Negotiate | 

Apollo’s Black sees private equity tax break in jeopardy 

5 Tips for Targeting Your Ideal Start-Up Customer | 

The Midnight Epiphany That Changed http://Like.comFrom An Over-Hyped Failure To A $100 Million Acquisition 

Private equity: Kinder and gentler? – Term Sheet 

Surprising Insights From HubSpot’s $35M Mezzanine Round 

Small businesses tap into cloud for efficiency 

Proposals to Address the M&A Related Litigation Problem | The D&O Diary 

How to profit from a breakup – The Buzz – Investment and Stock Market News 

4 Ways Your Start-Up Can Avoid Lawsuits : Under30CEO 

Election 2012: Still Undecided? 9 Reasons This Small Business Owner Should Be the Next President 

Why One Young Entrepreneur Turned Down Mark Cuban on Shark Tank 

The Election Could Affect the Sale of Your Business | Inc. 5000 

Looming Tax Hike Motivates Owners to Sell 

Essential Trait of Every Great Entrepreneur 

To Buy Or Not To Buy? On Yabbly, Ask Someone Who’s Been There, Bought That | Fast Company 

Retailers Want High Court to Clarify Definition of ‘Supervisor’ 

Tips for Small Businesses Post Hurricane Sandy 

Report: Small biz continues slow pace of hiring – Yahoo! News 

Texas Lawyer Blog: Winstead, Texas comptroller and AG seek summary judgment over tax deductibility of lawyer perks 

72 Percent of Freelancers And Consultants Say They’re Entrepreneurs | Small Business Trends 

Why I Left Google: Solopreneurship and the Freedom Lifestyle : Under30CEO 

Bootstrap Case Study: Keep Your Day Job and Start a Business 

When It Comes to Retirement, Small Business Owners Need a Reality Check | Small Business Trends 

Bedford startup tries to take on Craigslist’s buy, sell and trade business | Dallas-Fort Worth Small Business News 

Business interruption insurance claims loom after Sandy 

The Risks of Tapping Your Retirement Fund for an Alternative Use 

What VCs Really Care About | 

Crowdfunding Start-ups Hit Speed Bumps | 

Chancery Applies Business Strategy Privilege and Common Interest Doctrine 

Hard Lessons in Modern Lending 

How a Supreme Court ruling may stop you from reselling just about anything | Ars Technica 

Winery owners wonder about drilling’s impact | Business | Dallas Business, Texas Busines… 

Sequester and Fiscal Cliff Impact on Small Business 

Online reputation crucial for small businesses 

Business spending tightens as fiscal cliff nears

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