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Does My Child Get To Decide Which Parent They Will Live With?

Child custody is always a contentious issue in any divorce. One of the more common myths I hear from prospective divorce clients is that their child is over the age of 12 and wants to live with them so custody isn’t an issue. That simply isn’t true as I will explain below. A Quick Note […]

Can My Spouse Avoid Paying Child Support By Quitting His or Her Job?

It is not uncommon for a spouse ordered to pay child support in a Texas divorce proceeding to have a change in income after the divorce. Sometimes that happens for reasons beyond their control, such as layoffs or a need to change their lifestyle following the divorce. But sometimes a parent will attempt to manipulate […]

Can I Revoke The Other Parent’s Visitation Rights If They Do Not Pay Child Support?

The short answer is no, you may not revoke the other parent’s custody rights with the child if do not pay child support in Texas. I’ll explain in more detail below but note first that this issue is not limited to divorce cases in Texas. For example, child support and custody may be determined through […]

Does No Fault Divorce Bar an Unequal Property Division in Texas?

The short answer is no – asking for a no fault divorce does not prevent a spouse from also seeking a disproportionate share of the marital estate as I explain in more detail below. Texas is a no fault divorce state which means that you do not have to prove misconduct by your spouse in […]

Divorce Concerns For High Net Worth Couples

When a couple with a high net worth files for divorce in Texas it often involves a number of unique issues and concerns. This articles highlights some of the issues and concerns that frequently arise in a divorce involving high net worth couples. Existence of Martial Property Agreements A divorce involving a high net worth […]

How Do I Keep My Spouse Out Of The House During Our Divorce?

One of the biggest initial concerns when you file for divorce is how to keep your spouse out of the house until the divorce is final. There are a lot of good reasons to be concerned about this. At best, living in the same house with your spouse while you are getting divorced could lead […]

Can (and Should) I Change My Name as Part of My Divorce?

The short answer is yes – if you wish to reclaim your maiden name or a name from a prior marriage then you should do it as part of your divorce. Texas law provides that: In a decree of divorce or annulment, the court shall change the name of a party specifically requesting the change […]

Getting Organized For Your Divorce

I recently wrote an article discussing How to Prepare Yourself For Divorce that focused on preparing yourself mentally and physically for the divorce. This article discusses how to get organized for your divorce so that you have the best outcome possible. The Importance of Getting Organized Any lawyer will tell you that an organized client […]

Preparing Yourself For Your Divorce

This article isn’t about the law. It isn’t about the divorce process. It isn’t about dividing your property or child custody. This article is about you and making sure that you are truly prepared when you make the decision to seek a divorce from your spouse. The Importance of Preparing Yourself Divorce is hard. Especially […]

Understanding Your Rights and Duties as a Parent During Divorce

This article provides an overview of your rights and duties as a parent both during and after your divorce. Certain rights are vested in a parent regardless of custody decisions in a divorce and others may be modified by the divorce decree. In addition, certain rights may be exercised independently, only upon agreement of the […]

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