People Seeking Free Legal Advice And A New Section On The Texas Business Law Blog

People Seeking Free Legal Advice And A New Section On The Texas Business Law Blog

I know that a lot of attorneys across a variety of practice areas have to deal with the same issue: people who call and want free advice.

First let me state that I understand.  You have a simple question.  It will only take a minute of my time. Hell, I often feel that way when I go to the doctor.

Your question is important to you but not so important that you want to go through the hassle of retaining and then paying an attorney.  Why should you pay an attorney hundreds or thousands of dollars to answer a question that will require very little time for the attorney?  Certainly the attorney  won’t mind just taking a few minutes out of his or her time to answer your question, right?  WRONG!

Now the obvious reason an attorney wouldn’t want to do this is simple.  We worked hard and paid a lot of money to get an undergraduate degree and then go to law school.  We spent countless unpaid hours studying our craft and perfecting our skills. So why in the world would we give that knowledge and education away for free?

Another reason is more practical: no matter how simple a question may seem I assure you there are many more complexities than you realize.  If we give you a simple off the cuff answer it could be wrong, and then guess what?  You blame us.  Why would an attorney take that risk for nothing?

So why should you pay an attorney?  The same reason I pay my doctor, because they are trained professionals.  Because they provide a service that you are not qualified to provide.  Sure, maybe you can figure it out.  But if you can figure it out, why are you bothering to call in the first place?

So what are we going to do about this?

My solution is to provide a new category for this blog: “seeking free advice.”

I make no promises that the posts in that section will serve you well.  As always, this blog is not legal advice and you should not rely on it as such.  However, these posts will be my attempts to answer questions based loosely upon inquiries I have received for free advice.  Buyer beware, you get what you pay for.

Bryan Willis

Bryan Willis

Bryan Willis is a Tyler lawyer who represents clients in the areas of Divorce, Probate, Estate Planning, and Business Law.
Bryan Willis

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