Startup Business Program

This program is my contribution to encourage entrepreneurship and economic growth.  The goal of this program is to allow the client company the opportunity to secure a fixed amount of legal services for a fixed amount of time at a reduced rate.  This discount program is specifically limited to new businesses to assist them in securing legal advice during the early stages of their business when cash-flow is often limited.

The reduced rate is achieved by establishing a flat fee for a specific amount of legal services over a specific period of time.  The amount of the flat fee is determined by the number of hours allocated to the client and the length of time over which the legal services are offered.  There is a list of the types of services that are included in the plan and each plan is designed, based upon the client’s needs, to include client specific services.

VALUE.  The Startup Business Program brings value to your company.  The obvious concern for anyone considering one of these plans is that they will not use all of the allotted time and thus “waste” money.  To alleviate that concern, each plan’s fee structure is based on a reduced percentage of the attorney’s normal hourly rate.   So as long a client uses that percentage of the allotted time in any plan, the client receives the benefit of a discounted hourly rate.  In addition, clients receive a discounted hourly rate for any time in excess of the allotted hours in their plan.

CERTAINTY.  No doubt about the costs of legal fees for starting your new business.  The plan is designed after a consultation and is based upon your specific anticipated needs.  You will know that as long as you stay within the limits of the plan, that is all you will pay for legal services.  There is no uncertainty or surprise as there often is with hourly billing.  No unknown or unanticipated hours that create unexpected monthly bills.

CONVENIENCE.  No need to go through the process of retaining an attorney for each legal matter that arises.  There are often unanticipated needs that arise when creating a new business.  This plan allows a business owner the convenience and security of knowing he or she can call an attorney for legal advice at any point without having to worry how much that phone call will cost.