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Tweet Links for 2/8

Section 220 Claim and Fiduciary Duty Claims Need Separate Complaints 

Dodd-Frank Progress Report February 2013 | CLS Blue Sky Blog 

Before There Was Facebook: The Seeds Of Silicon Valley 

Sell your company, not your soul – Fortune Tech 

An Internet-Powered Growing System For Small Farmers 

Dell to go private in $24.4B deal led by founder – Yahoo! News 

IowaBiz: Tough tax return choice for 2012: Pay more now to save later? 

The Startup Slumber Party: How Living With Your Cofounders Can Save Your Company | Fast Company 

5 Reasons to Avoid Silicon Valley | 

Growing Numbers of Start-Ups Are Worth a Billion Dollars – 

The Corporate First Responder: 15 Questions to Consider When a Corporate Crisis Strikes | CLS Blue Sky Blog 

Keep Your Start-up Ahead of the Competition | 

Despite Expectations, Corporations Could Face More Cases of Criminal Liability – 

Think Employment Law Doesn’t Apply to You? Think Again | 

Gauge of U.S. business investment plans edges lower – Yahoo! News 

Houston small business hiring beat national average in January – Houston Business Journal 

Confessions of a Corporate Spy | 

Working for free: Lawyers incorporating pro bono into their lives talk about its rewards, challenges – ABA Journal  Blog – Litigation of Investor Claims: State v. Federal Court 

NY Times: A New Web Site Warns Small-Business Owners of Coming Regulations | House Small Business Committee 

Tiny Dallas company Tessitura provides technology platform to the stars | The Dallas Morning News

7 Lessons from Bootstrapping a $15M Lifestyle Business 

9 Startup Events and News to Watch This Week | 

3 Steps to Win Over Investors | 

The High Cost of Entrepreneurship 

The Small Businesses Behind the Big Game | 

The Proper Role of the Federal Government in Corporate Governance | CLS Blue Sky Blog 

Valuing a Small Business in Advance With Cloud Software – 

Startup Visa Act 2013 Introduced By Udall (D-Colo) and Flake (R-Ariz) – Feld Thoughts 

Private Tech Company Acquisitions Are Up: Report | 

North Carolina Court Resolves Conflict Between LLC Act Rules on Member Withdrawals and Assignments to Non-Members 

Supreme Court Will Review Scope of Federal Preclusion of State Securities Claims –  Blog 

Selling Your Business: Timing Is Everything | Inc. 5000 

Private equity firms are lead bidder for Twinkies | Business | Dallas Business, Texas Bu… 

Chancery Grants Relief on Both Fiduciary Duty and Contract Claims Against Member of Joint Venture 

License regulations are killing my business – CNNMoney 

Delaware Law as Lingua Franca: Evidence from VC-Backed Startups — The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance 

Lessons for Entrepreneurs in Rubble of a Collapsed Deal 

Don’t Let Outside Investment Threaten Your Success 

What’s Driving the Spike in Small Business Acquisitions 

Is Your Compensation Reasonable? 

Galveston to host crowdfunding cruise – Houston Business Journal 

Detroit start-ups move into empty auto plants 

What to watch: Economy comes into sharper focus 

Retailers may add surcharge in credit card transactions 

Highlights of Tax Changes Becoming Effective in 2013 : Tax Law and Business Organization Strategy 

Small Business Owner: The IRS Says You Are Tax Cheat 

Doomed to Fail? The Uphill Climb of a Startup Entrepreneur

Business tax makeover looks unlikely | Business | Dallas Business, Texas Business, Fort … 

50 VC and Angel Investors Every Young Entrepreneur Should Know

Tweet Links for 11/9

Due Diligence: Your Last Chance to Negotiate | 

Apollo’s Black sees private equity tax break in jeopardy 

5 Tips for Targeting Your Ideal Start-Up Customer | 

The Midnight Epiphany That Changed http://Like.comFrom An Over-Hyped Failure To A $100 Million Acquisition 

Private equity: Kinder and gentler? – Term Sheet 

Surprising Insights From HubSpot’s $35M Mezzanine Round 

Small businesses tap into cloud for efficiency 

Proposals to Address the M&A Related Litigation Problem | The D&O Diary 

How to profit from a breakup – The Buzz – Investment and Stock Market News 

4 Ways Your Start-Up Can Avoid Lawsuits : Under30CEO 

Election 2012: Still Undecided? 9 Reasons This Small Business Owner Should Be the Next President 

Why One Young Entrepreneur Turned Down Mark Cuban on Shark Tank 

The Election Could Affect the Sale of Your Business | Inc. 5000 

Looming Tax Hike Motivates Owners to Sell 

Essential Trait of Every Great Entrepreneur 

To Buy Or Not To Buy? On Yabbly, Ask Someone Who’s Been There, Bought That | Fast Company 

Retailers Want High Court to Clarify Definition of ‘Supervisor’ 

Tips for Small Businesses Post Hurricane Sandy 

Report: Small biz continues slow pace of hiring – Yahoo! News 

Texas Lawyer Blog: Winstead, Texas comptroller and AG seek summary judgment over tax deductibility of lawyer perks 

72 Percent of Freelancers And Consultants Say They’re Entrepreneurs | Small Business Trends 

Why I Left Google: Solopreneurship and the Freedom Lifestyle : Under30CEO 

Bootstrap Case Study: Keep Your Day Job and Start a Business 

When It Comes to Retirement, Small Business Owners Need a Reality Check | Small Business Trends 

Bedford startup tries to take on Craigslist’s buy, sell and trade business | Dallas-Fort Worth Small Business News 

Business interruption insurance claims loom after Sandy 

The Risks of Tapping Your Retirement Fund for an Alternative Use 

What VCs Really Care About | 

Crowdfunding Start-ups Hit Speed Bumps | 

Chancery Applies Business Strategy Privilege and Common Interest Doctrine 

Hard Lessons in Modern Lending 

How a Supreme Court ruling may stop you from reselling just about anything | Ars Technica 

Winery owners wonder about drilling’s impact | Business | Dallas Business, Texas Busines… 

Sequester and Fiscal Cliff Impact on Small Business 

Online reputation crucial for small businesses 

Business spending tightens as fiscal cliff nears

Tweet Links for 10/11

European Private Equity Firms Seek Nontraditional Loans Amid Debt Crisis – 

Private Equity 101: New Platforms vs. Add-Ons | Inc. 5000 

A Law Firm Name With a Curious Ring – 

Entrepreneurs Starting Up With Fewer Employees – 

Tech-Savvy and Fashion-Forward: A Look at Today’s Stylish Startups | 

Strategy for Business Owners as Tax Cuts Near Expiration – Businessweek 

How to Sell Your Business (& the Land It’s On) | 

IRS Revamps Website to Be Small Business Friendly | 

5 Things Your Family Business Can Learn From Animal Planet’s ‘Tanked’ | 

Google Releases New Site Full of Resources for Entrepreneurs 

Revisiting President Obama’s Small-Business Tax Cut Claims – 

How to Know When to Sell Your Business | 

Austin software maker Appconomy gets $498K financing 

Schumpeter: Fixing the capitalist machine | The Economist 

Wage and Hour Lawsuits Are on the Rise. How Can You Protect Your Small Business? 

What the 2012 Presidential Election Can Teach Startups About Finding a Niche | 

The Convertible Note: How It Works, Key Components, Benefits, and Variations | Texas Business Law Blog 

Are Entrepreneurs Really More Comfortable with Risk? – Harvard Business Review 

Angel-backed startups see higher valuations, lower rounds – Austin Business Journal 

Election 2012: What Entrepreneurs Want | 

Strategies: Now may be the time to start your business 

Startup Act 2.0: It’s Time for Action | 

Tweet Links for 9/26

Where Have All the M&A Deals Gone?  Report: Is California Losing Start-ups to Other States? [And look at Texas grow…]  The Right Way to Approach a Start-up |  Start-ups to SEC: Move Faster on Crowdfunding |  Could Staples go private? – The Term Sheet: Fortune’s deals blog Term Sheet  Walsh… Continue Reading

Tweet Links for August 13th

5 Trends Entrepreneurs Should Consider When Naming a Startup  Now In 20 Cities, Startup Grind Aims To Inspire The Next Generation Of Global Entrepreneurs  Austin startup calls itself ‘first urban health media company’  Private equity skeptical about tieup with Best Buy founder  10 Simple Actions Will Inspire More Startup Results … Continue Reading

Tweet Links for 5/14

Buying a business after 50 Crowdfunding Raised $1.5bn in 2011, Set To Double In 2012 Gen Y grads more likely to launch start-ups Business Owners Try to Make Sense of Health Care Common Misunderstandings Regarding Fairness Opinions How to Launch a Billion Dollar Startup on a Shoestring Startups make… Continue Reading

Tweet Links for 3/19

3 Reasons to Fail Big Requesting a Certificate of No Tax Due when buying a Texas Business Cool businesses fueled by military surplus Are You an Entrepreneur Who Can Make a Business Fly? 10 Dirty Negotiation Tactics and How to Beat Them Austin works to become hub for mobile Internet… Continue Reading

Tweet Links for 1/23/2012

Austin-area venture capital investing soared in fourth quarter 13 Types of Insurance a Small Business Owner Should Have New Corporate Opportunity Case Small Business Strategies: Obama’s proposal could hurt Business Planning With Risk of Recession: Check Points NY Senate bloc pushes for small business laws Austin bar employees accuse… Continue Reading

Tweet Links for 1/9/2012

Money Talks: Rumblings BofA is trimming small business lending: There are rumblings that Bank of America Corp. ,… How Much Is Your Alma Mater’s Team Worth? When Judges Get Mad: Third Circuit Tosses Mistrial, Sanction over Spoliation That Didn’t Happen How to Start a Small Construction or General Contracting Business 10… Continue Reading

Tweet Links for 11/7/2011

The Power of Partnerships, From Bottling to Emerging Tech Small Business Owners To Supercommittee: We Need More Certainty In Tax Policy Amid Wall Street Protests, Smaller Banks Gain Favor Why Your Small Business May Need a Board of Directors and How to Establish It Pennsylvania LLC Member Personally Liable on Lease… Continue Reading