Estate Planning

Estate Planning Issues for Blended Families and Second Marriages

Blended families and second marriages create a number of issues in the context of estate planning.  Difficult decisions must be made and competing interests must be prioritized.  Some of the common concerns include the following: Providing for the new spouse. Providing for children from a prior marriage. Providing for children born during the new marriage. […]

An Estate Planning Solution for Parents Whose Children Have Student Loans

There has been a significant increase in student loan debt as well as default rates by borrowers leading to an increased risk that the estate a borrower’s parent intends to pass to their child could instead end up in the hands of a student loan lender or collection agency.  If your child has significant student […]

Estate Planning Tips for Individuals and Families Building Wealth for the First Time

  With new wealth comes new priorities, new problems and a new importance to estate planning issues.  Below are eleven estate planning tips for individuals and families building wealth for the first time. 1. Estate Planning Is Not All About Tax Planning. A common misbelief is that estate planning is only for the very wealthy […]

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