321st District Court of Smith County, Texas Announces New Procedures During COVID-19 Outbreak

The 321st District Court announced the following changes to court procedures on March 17, 2020: In response to the Supreme Court’s order regarding court administration during the coronavirus pandemic as well as Governor Abbot’s disaster declaration, the 321st District Court is providing the following protocols as to ongoing operations. The office of the 321st District […]

2019 Increase to Texas Child Support Cap On Net Resources

The Texas Attorney General’s Office announced the new Texas child support cap earlier this year. Effective September 1, 2019, the cap on net resources to which the statutory child support guidelines apply is raised from $8,550 to $9,200. This cap is updated every six years to adjust for inflation. This adjustment to the cap will […]

Can I Change My Child Custody Order After Divorce?

Yes – you can seek to modify the child custody (possession) portion of your final decree of divorce after your divorce. This article provides information on common situations in which a parent may seek to modify their child’s possession schedule as well as the legal requirements to successfully get a modification. A parent may also […]

Why Is My Spouse Entitled To Any Of My Retirement In A Texas Divorce?

You worked hard at your job. You saved money from the day you started. Lucky for your – your company had a 401(k) or pension plan match program so that 4% you stashed away for retirement was really 8%. You were responsibly planning for retirement and felt like you were well on your way to […]

What Are Grounds For A Fault Divorce In Texas?

Texas is a no-fault divorce state which means that a divorce can be granted without fault by either spouse. Indeed, most divorces in Texas are granted on no-fault grounds. However, in appropriate cases, a spouse may seek divorce based on the other spouse’s fault in causing the breakup of the marriage. Fault Divorce Grounds There […]

Can The Amount of Child Support I Receive Change After My Divorce?

Yes – the amount of child support that you receive can change after your final decree of divorce. However, it does not change automatically just because your former spouse gets a new job, the two of you agree on a difference amount, or for any other reason. Child support obligations may only be modified after […]

Can I Divide My Retirement Account In A Divorce Without Paying Taxes?

Yes, if the transaction is properly structured then you can divide your retirement account in a divorce without paying taxes at the time of division regardless of the type of account. The process for a tax free division in a divorce depends on the type of retirement account that you are dividing. But first, let’s […]

Who Will Divide Our Property in a Texas Divorce?

Most Texas divorce cases will end with an agreement reached between the parties. In these cases, the parties decide how and when property will be divided between the spouses. If the parties reach an agreement on property division, then that agreement will be reduced to writing in the form of an Agreed Final Decree of […]

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