Child Support

2019 Increase to Texas Child Support Cap On Net Resources

The Texas Attorney General’s Office announced the new Texas child support cap earlier this year. Effective September 1, 2019, the cap on net resources to which the statutory child support guidelines apply is raised from $8,550 to $9,200. This cap is updated every six years to adjust for inflation. This adjustment to the cap will […]

Can The Amount of Child Support I Receive Change After My Divorce?

Yes – the amount of child support that you receive can change after your final decree of divorce. However, it does not change automatically just because your former spouse gets a new job, the two of you agree on a difference amount, or for any other reason. Child support obligations may only be modified after […]

Can My Spouse Avoid Paying Child Support By Quitting His or Her Job?

It is not uncommon for a spouse ordered to pay child support in a Texas divorce proceeding to have a change in income after the divorce. Sometimes that happens for reasons beyond their control, such as layoffs or a need to change their lifestyle following the divorce. But sometimes a parent will attempt to manipulate […]

General Rules for Child Support in a Texas Divorce

This article provides an overview of the rules governing child support in a Texas divorce case. It touches on subjects such as the duty to support, calculating child support based on statutory guidelines, basis for deviating from statutory guidelines, as well as medical and dental support. Duty To Support By law, a parent has a […]

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