Child Custody

Can I Change My Child Custody Order After Divorce?

Yes – you can seek to modify the child custody (possession) portion of your final decree of divorce after your divorce. This article provides information on common situations in which a parent may seek to modify their child’s possession schedule as well as the legal requirements to successfully get a modification. A parent may also […]

Does My Child Get To Decide Which Parent They Will Live With?

Child custody is always a contentious issue in any divorce. One of the more common myths I hear from prospective divorce clients is that their child is over the age of 12 and wants to live with them so custody isn’t an issue. That simply isn’t true as I will explain below. A Quick Note […]

Can I Revoke The Other Parent’s Visitation Rights If They Do Not Pay Child Support?

The short answer is no, you may not revoke the other parent’s custody rights with the child if do not pay child support in Texas. I’ll explain in more detail below but note first that this issue is not limited to divorce cases in Texas. For example, child support and custody may be determined through […]

Understanding Your Rights and Duties as a Parent During Divorce

This article provides an overview of your rights and duties as a parent both during and after your divorce. Certain rights are vested in a parent regardless of custody decisions in a divorce and others may be modified by the divorce decree. In addition, certain rights may be exercised independently, only upon agreement of the […]

General Rules of Child Custody in a Texas Divorce

This article is intended to provide a broad overview of the general rules governing child custody decisions in a Texas divorce. I will note that the law doesn’t use the term “custody” in a Texas divorce. Instead, the law uses terms such as “conservatorship,” “possession,” and “access.” Let’s begin by looking at the different types […]

Key Child Custody Terms in Texas

The legal terms used in child custody proceedings are different from the every day terms such as “custody” and “visitation.”  This article provides definitions for some of the more common terms you will likely encounter during a divorce proceeding with children in Texas. If you would like more information on how child custody decisions are […]

Understanding the Standard Possession Order for Child Custody in Texas

In any divorce involving minor children, the parties and ultimately the court must approve a custody plan for those children.  In Texas, that custody plan starts with the Standard Possession Order.  Below you can read about the Standard Possession Order as well as the circumstances and factors a court will consider in determining whether and […]

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