Here Is What You Need to Know If You Are Thinking About Divorce

If you found this page, then you are probably going through a very difficult time and contemplating divorce from your spouse. This article is designed to provide some basic information that you should consider when making the most difficult decision of your life. Be Sure Before You File For Divorce Divorce is a big decision. […]

50/50 Alternative Possession Schedules for Child Custody

This article provides a detailed discussion of some of the 50/50 alternative possession schedules available instead of the Standard Possession Order in a Texas divorce. The article also addresses when alternative schedules are available. You can read more about the Standard Possession Order here. You can also learn more about how child custody decisions are […]

What Is Separate Property in a Divorce?

This article provides a discussion of what property constitutes separate property in a Texas divorce case. Texas is a Community Property State In order to understand separate property, you need to start with understanding that Texas is a community property state. Any property, other than separate property, acquired by the spouses during marriage is community […]

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