Business Formation

Forming a Texas Corporation – Other Documents You Should Know About

  Most folks forming a corporation are aware that you file a certificate of formation with the Secretary of State’s office in order to legally form the corporation and then adopt bylaws to govern the corporation’s day to day operations.  There are several other documents important to properly forming a Texas corporation that you should […]

Starting a Business? Here Is What You Should Know About The Non-Compete Provision With Your Former Employer (or Partner)

Folks starting a new business are often doing so after working for an employer or after departing a previous venture with other partners.  Frequently these entrepreneurs have a non-compete provision tucked into some agreement from the previous relationship that they either did not know about or have not considered.  Look closely through all of your agreements and […]

Protecting a Company From An Individual Owner’s Judgment Creditors

Any time a group of folks get together to start a new company or a company brings in a new owner, there is a significant chance that one of the owners will come into the venture with significant outstanding liabilities.  These liabilities often lie with judgment creditors from a past venture that may have failed […]

Why Online Business Documents Could Be The Choice That Destroys Your Company

There are a number of do-it-yourself online legal document services that have popped up over the past few years.  The appeal is obvious – they are cheap.  Most folks who start or run a business know they need governing documents, contracts, and a number of other legal documents.  Lawyers are expensive and these document services […]

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