Author: Bryan Willis

What Is A Substantial and Material Change In Circumstances to Modify Child Custody In Texas?

It is common for the circumstances of parents or children to change after a court issues an order on child custody. Maybe you have a new job opportunity in another city. Maybe your former spouse remarried and there are problems between your child and the new step-parent. Maybe the other parent simply isn’t giving you […]

Get All The Property That You Are Entitled To In Your Divorce

Almost all marriages will involve a division of property. This often leads clients to ask, how can they make sure that they get all of the property that they are entitled to in the divorce? This article explains how that happens in a Texas divorce. Only Community Property Is Divisible Texas is a community property […]

What To Expect During Your Divorce Consultation

This article provides a brief overview of what you should expect during a consultation regarding your divorce case in Texas. Purpose The purpose of the consultation is for your attorney to learn about the history of your marriage and facts specific to your divorce. This allows the attorney to identify specific legal issues likely to […]

Bryan Interviewed By Local News About Divorce Post-COVID

Earlier this year, Bryan was interviewed by local news station ABC Station KLTV 7 about changes to the divorce process as part of KLTV’s “The Next Normal” series. You can watch the interview on the KLTV or KTRE Channel 9 websites by following the link below:

What Is A Just and Right Division of Property In Divorce?

This article provides an overview of the general rule for dividing property in a Texas divorce as well as a discussion of the factors that a court will consider when deciding how to divide property. The General Rule For Property Division In Divorce The legal standard for property division in a Texas divorce is a […]

How Is Child Custody Decided In A Divorce?

Divorces involving children can quickly become some of the most emotional and complex cases in law. This article addresses both the procedural and substantive process of deciding the issue of child custody in a divorce. Procedures for Deciding Child Custody In Divorce First, let’s look at the procedural issues involved in deciding child custody. It […]

Can I Avoid Divorce By Having My Marriage Annulled?

Sometimes people ask about having their marriage terminated by an annulment as opposed to a divorce. While Texas is a no fault state for divorce, meaning anyone can file for divorce at any time, annulments are only available in limited circumstances. The Difference Between Annulments and Divorces An annulment is a court order that declares […]

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