Tyler TX Divorce Lawyer | Tyler Probate Lawyer

Tyler Divorce Lawyer | Probate Lawyer
<p>My name is Bryan Willis and I am a divorce lawyer in Tyler, Texas.  I also represent clients in probate matters.</p> <p>Too often I hear people complain about attorneys who charge too much, won’t return calls, or are just impossible to get in touch with.  I also hear complaints that clients only speak with assistants or paralegals instead of the attorney responsible for their case.  That will not happen at my office.</p> <p>Trust and communication are the two most important factors in the attorney-client relationship.  I handle each and every matter personally, from opening to close.  If you call, you will speak to me directly.  If I cannot answer, I will return your call or e-mail promptly, usually within a few hours.  I respect the fact that clients trust me with some of the most important events in their lives and I will not abuse that trust.</p> <p>I represent husbands and wives in <a href="https://dbwillislaw.com/tyler-divorce-lawyer/">divorce</a> proceedings involving child custody, child support, and property division issues.  I help my clients understand their rights to see and care for their children as well as their rights to property during and after the divorce.  I counsel my clients on the most efficient method of navigating the divorce process to achieve their goals by protecting their children, protecting their rights, and protecting their property.</p> <p>My <a href="https://dbwillislaw.com/practice-areas/tyler-probate-lawyer/">probate </a>practice focuses on representing executors, personal representatives and family members in probate matters.   I help personal representatives understand their fiduciary duties and administrative responsibilities as well as open, administer, and close the estate.  I help family members and other interested parties ensure their rights are respected during the probate process.</p> <p>I became a lawyer and chose these practice areas because I want my practice to make a real difference in my clients’ lives by helping them resolve their legal problems and achieve their dreams.</p> <p> </p>