Business Law | Litigation | Estate Planning | Probate

Welcome to David Bryan Willis, PLLC.  My name is Bryan Willis and I am an attorney based in Tyler, Texas practicing in the areas of business law, litigation, estate planning, and probate.

In the area of business law, I help business owners start and run their business by educating them on their legal risks, addressing legal issues that arise in the course of running their business, and representing them in pursing or defending their rights both in court and before administrative agencies.  I help incorporate businesses, form partnerships and LLCs, draft contracts and employment agreements, advise on employment issues, and deal with any conflict that arises.  I represent both businesses and individuals in litigation.

I provide estate planning services to both business owners and individuals.  I help people plan for the care of their family, the disposition of their assets, the transfer and operation of their business, and ensure their wishes are respected in the event they become incapacitated or pass away.  I help clients develop a plan to achieve their estate planning goals and then draft the necessary legal instruments to put that plan into place, such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, and advanced directives.

My probate practice focuses on representing executors, personal representatives and family members in probate matters.   I help personal representatives understand their fiduciary duties and administrative responsibilities as well as open, administer, and close the estate.  I help family members and other interested parties ensure their rights are respected during the probate process.

I became a lawyer and chose these practice areas because I want my practice to make a real difference in my clients’ lives by resolving their legal problems or by helping business owners achieve their dreams.

Too often I hear people complain about attorneys who charge too much, won’t return calls, or are just impossible to get in touch with.  I also hear complaints that clients only speak with assistants or paralegals instead of the attorney responsible for their case.  That will not happen at my office.

Trust and communication are the two most important factors in the attorney-client relationship.  I handle each and every matter personally, from opening to close.  If you call, you will speak to me directly.  If I cannot answer, I will return your call or e-mail promptly, usually within a few hours.  I respect the fact that clients trust me with some of the most important events in their lives and I will not abuse that trust.