Employment Law

Complying with the applicable federal and state laws governing employment is one of single most effective ways to reduce your business’s exposure to litigation. However, compliance is a complex process and is only one step in properly protecting your business from the increasing number of law suits by employees.

David can assist your business to develop effective employment policies and procedures to help manage your company’s risk of employment related litigation. The Firm also reviews existing policies and practices to make sure that your company is observing and effectively implementing its policies and procedures to manage that risk.

Below are some of the common areas in which David can advise your company on employment matters:

  • Appropriate procedures for hiring and terminating employees
  • Developing and implementing employment policies and procedures
  • Drafting employment agreements, offer letters, and termination letters
  • Drafting non-competition agreements
  • Drafting confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
If your business is already facing employment litigation, you can read more about the Firm’s employment litigation services here.

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