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David brings knowledge and experience in the areas of business and commercial law to enable, advise, and protect your business. This means that rather than being an obstacle to your company with theoretical legalese, the Firm provides value by focusing on practical legal advice to solve your company’s legal issues.  While many lawyers focus their practice on a particular area of law, David spent 10 years focusing his practice on a particular set of clientele: private companies.  This focus allows the firm to see the “big picture” and unique issues facing the business owners of private companies.

Effectively representing a business requires translating law into business and business into law.  In order to do that, your company needs a lawyer who is willing to spend time learning about your company, its people, its culture, and its product or service.  David is willing to make that commitment so that he can help your company understand its legal risks and how to mitigate those risks as part of the business decision making team.

The Firm also a variety of fee structures for corporate clients such as alternative and flat fee arrangements which you can learn more about on the FAQ page as well as through the Firm’s Counsel Programs.  Business owners have enough to deal with running the day to day operations of their companies so please take some time to explore how the David can ease that burden by protecting you and your business.

Some of the common areas in which the Firm advises companies include the following:

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